About Mon Dieu Projects

Mon Dieu Projects was founded by LA-based writer, Spencer Walker, and his passion for bringing emerging and established artists and their distinct POVs to the forefront. With its provocative curatorial choices, Mon Dieu Projects aims to bring some irreverence to the LA art world.

Spencer Walker

Spencer has been art-adjacent his entire life, coming from a family of artists and collectors. Previously an animation writer and creative executive at Nickelodeon, Disney, and Cartoon Network, a blogger turned author of “Cook To Bang," published by St Martin’s Press, a children’s book author, a restaurant reviewer for New York Magazine, and the mastermind of renegade NYC pop-up Rooftop Supperclub.

Life changed when Spencer fell in love with a humanitarian he met producing a TV pilot in Bangladesh, then followed her to the Philippines and Yap Island, Micronesia for five years, where he was a freelance writer, and learned how to spearfish. Spencer returned to LA with his wife and feral island dog just in time for Covid, where they had a pandemic baby.